All company staff should be appropriately trained for performing pharmacovigilance related activities. This includes not only staff within the pharmacovigilance units but also those who may receive or process safety reports, such as sales personnel or clinical research staff or even receptionists or telephone switchboard operators.

DSSL can provide the following training options:

  • the basic training of all staff, either in person or through provision of on-line or remote training packages
  • specialised training of pharmacovigilance staff
  • training on specific pharmacovigilance topics: Risk Management Plans (RMPs); PSMF, Periodic Safety Update Reports (PBRERs and PSURs); case processing, Eudravigilance, literature reviews, the EMA MLM service.
  • pre-inspection training
  • mentoring of senior pharmacovigilance staff or budding QPPVs.