About Drug Safety Solutions Limited

Drug Safety Solutions Limited was founded in 2002 by the Director Carol Markwell.

Carol has extensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of pharmacovigilance, both in industry and as a consultant. Since 1979, Carol has worked in Medical Information and publishing before spending more than 15 years in global pharmacovigilance roles within international pharmaceutical companies. She completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Pharmacovigilance (University of Hertfordshire) in 1997. As a principal consultant her experience was brought to bear by acting as QPPV in the EEA.

At Drug Safety Solutions Limited, she is supported by an experienced team of pharmacovigilance and medical professionals who are committed to providing a friendly, efficient service in all areas of pharmacovigilance. All DSSL team members have years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and up to 20 years experience in pharmacovigilance.

Drug Safety Solutions Limited clients comprise medium and small innovative companies, generic pharmaceutical companies and commercial sponsors, providing services such as:

  • Outsourcing of data entry (partial or complete) into clients’ own or the DSSL safety database – PV Works
  • Expedited reporting including electronic submissions via Eudravigilance
  • Consultancy
  • Assistance with Risk Management Plans, PBRERS / PSURs, PSMF, SOPs andother pharmacovigilance documents.
  • Christine Drug Safety Officer

  • Kay Drug Safety Officer

  • Sarah Drug Safety Officer

  • StĂ©phanie Drug Safety Officer

  • Sophie Drug Safety Officer

  • Rosie Drug Safety Officer

  • Clare Drug Safety Officer

  • Shazia Drug Safety Officer

  • Graham Medical Advisor